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Profectum comes from the Latin for “advancement or progress,” and Profectum Foundation is dedicated to advancing the development of all children, adolescents and adults with autism and special needs.

Our work builds upon the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship model (DIR model) developed by the late Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder which is central to all our work. We also believe that the interventional approaches that parents and practitioners use to help individuals with special needs must advance and evolve to incorporate new ideas, new knowledge and reflect the most up-to-date research and neuroscience – they should never be static and must grow as our population grows.

Rosemary is Senior Faculty on Profectum and has worked with the faculty to develop the Profectum Training Programs for Parents and Professionals.

Profectum Foundation records most conference presentations and other sessions and makes them available as webcasts so that they can be more accessible to a larger audience.  Profectum has over 200 video resources from our conferences and lecture series.

Webcasts are available as subscriptions lasting 6-months.
The fee to subscribe to an individual webcast for a 6-month period of time is $15 (US).
Go to to learn more about this amazing resource for parents and professionals.

Profectum Parent Toolbox

The John and Marcia Goldman Foundation provided a grant for Profectum Faculty to develop the Profectum Parent Toolbox.  This is an amazing on-line FREE resource for parents to learn how to engage, play and interact with your child.

Rosemary White along with Dr. Ricki Robinson, Monica Osgood, Sherri Cawn and Serena Wieder, collaborated to produce this series of 37 webinars and workbook for parents.  The Profectum Parent Toolbox is also a resource for professionals.