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The following PDF’s include helpful resource materials and information about our practice. We hope this information answers many of your initial questions and suggest that you review the information carefully.

Appointments are typically scheduled on a regular weekly basis, one hour sessions, the same time each week and are confirmed for as long as your child requires therapy. We use the first four one-hour sessions for the evaluative treatment sessions during which your therapist will look at your child’s sensory processing, auditory processing, gross and fine motor, social skills and behavior. Your therapist will use the second half of the fourth session to conference with you, going over the assessment, recommendations, goals and treatment plan for therapy. If weekly therapy is recommended then your child will continue with the confirmed appointments for as long as necessary.

If you have a specific request for services (are from out of town or have a particular request) and would like to discuss services other than a typical weekly appointment, please contact us either by e-mail or phone to discuss how we can best meet your needs. We appreciate hearing from you and the opportunity to discuss your concerns and requests directly.

To begin the scheduling process, after you have reviewed the information included in the PDF’s below, please contact our office in Seattle at 206-367-5853 to provide us with initial contact information and to speak with us regarding your child’s medical history, your main concerns and your child’s specific needs for therapy. We will do our best to answer any questions and appreciate an opportunity to speak with you directly about our services, scheduling, and working with insurance.

Upon receipt of the completed intake questionnaire we will place your child’s name on our appointment list to be scheduled. (Your child’s name will not be on our appointment list until we receive the completed questionnaire.) We will do our very best to schedule an appointment as quickly as we can and to make your waiting time as short as possible.  However, because appointments often remain filled for extended periods of time, it is frequently necessary for children to be placed on an appointment list prior to being scheduled. Waiting times vary – based on the time requested and the time of the year your intake is received. The beginning and end of the school year are usually our busiest seasons and we usually we receive an influx of intakes at these times.

  1. Description of practice and services
  2. New Client Letter
  3. Functional Emotional Developmental Levels
  4. DIR And Sensory Processing
  5. Sensory Processing Disorders
  6. Washington State – RCW 48
  7. WA State Referral Information
  8. Statement of Privacy
  9. Cancellation Policy – 72 hour notice
  10. Fee Schedule