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Two Weeks of DIR®/Floortime – Summer Camp 2021

Our goal is for the campers to have fun and to develop play skills in rich interactions with peers. Each camper is supported in a way to enable him or her to feel comfortable and successful in the ebb and flow of play with his/her peers.

  • The philosophy of the camp is Floortime with the focus on relating and social interaction with peers. 
  • This year’s camps are two weeks long – two hours per day. 

Read this letter from Rosemary with more detail about our modified 2021 Summer Camp.

Site:  This year’s camp will be held at our clinic, located at: 20310 19th Avenue NE, Shoreline, WA  98155


  • Session 1: July 12 through July 23, 2021
  • Session 2: July 26 through August 6, 2021


  • Group 1: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 11:00am
  • Group 2: Monday through Friday, 11:30am to 1:30pm
  • Group 3: Monday through Friday, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

The Camp:  The camp space is set up with a variety of toys such as a dollhouse, home center, cars, trains, dress up, and arts and crafts.  During the two-hour camp, there will be opportunities for inside and outside time, and snack/lunch time (bring your own snack/lunch).  The focus of the camp is for the campers to engage in “free play” with their peers. The camp is not structured in the sense of the therapists & aides teaching skills, rather by embracing the DIR/Floortime approach we support the children, in a one to one capacity, with appropriate affect, gesture, language & sensory support that is sensitive to each individual child to facilitate their ability to share attention with one another, to engage & be engaged, to read & respond to one another’s invitation to play & to sustain interactions during spontaneous play thus supporting their functional emotional developmental capacities.

Staff:  Rosemary White, DIR/Floortime Faculty and Profectum Faculty, directs the camp. Along with Rosemary an additional Occupational Therapist from our practice will assist in supervising the camp. The camp staff includes an individual 1:1 aide for each child in the camp. The aides are trained in Floortime by Rosemary White, OTR/L.  Many of our aides have worked for the practice in our camps during past summers. In order to provide the most effective camp for your child, there is staff training each day prior to every session of camp.

Parent Support/Training: There will be an online parent meeting once during each two-week session of camp to provide you with information on Floortime, how it is integrated into the camp, and how you can bring this into your interactions at home.

Campers New to Pediatric PT & OT: Campers who are not currently clients in our practice require a one-hour individual intake session prior to the start of camp. At the intake session we will observe your child’s play and interaction to develop an understanding of functional emotional development and individual profile, so we can best meet his/her needs at the camp. Before the intake session we require you complete and return our summer camp intake questionnaire plus the camp registration form. You can access the questionnaire via the link below. The fee of $150 for the individual intake session is separate from the camp fee and can be submitted to your insurance. We will contact you to schedule the intake session before camp starts.

Fees:  $1,175.00

(We do not accept or bill insurance for our summer camp fees.)

Click here to access Seattle, WA DIR Summer Camp Flyer and Registration forms

Click here to access the Seattle, WA DIR Summer Camp  Intake Questionnaire

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